P04: Group Pop-Up

Our e-shop was launched on March 4th with two initial designs. Our slow release strategy is to drop two new designs every few weeks starting on April 15th. Each new “drop” will highlight a collaborator wearing the designs styled by themselves in an environment of their choosing.

The complete HECHA / 做 collection will be viewable at Refuge Arts from June 20 - June 23rd as a pop-up event, which will feature a group exhibition with our four main collaborators (01:Tyler, 02:Benedict, 03:Lucy & 04:Felton).

Our pop-up will utilize the space as a blank canvas to be painted and filled with context, providing a platform that allows for open format participation from our collaborators alongside other friends and artists within our community.

01: Meet Tyler

who: Wassup? I'm Tyler xD aka dime

what/why: I’m a photographer and dj here in nyc. My images examine themes of black culture, community, sexuality, flawed aesthetics, and social practices. The subject matter executes a sense of rawness and confrontation while celebrating the idea of normalizing individuality and diversity. My website is tylerkjones.com. Apart from that, I am one of the social media managers and booking assistants over at Discwoman.

how: Music is lyf3. I started working with Discwoman in 2017. A year later I started djing. Which then lead to the start of my party, HARDCORSET. A monthly at Bossa Nova Civic club in Brooklyn.

where: Tyler’s photography will be on view at the HECHA / 做 Group Sho(w/p)