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Project 02: So Pretty

HECHA / 做’s inaugural collection was featured in select scenes of “So Pretty,” a film by Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli screened during the 2019 Berlinale Film Festival.


Official Selection - 69th Berlinale Film Festival 2019

CREDITS. So Pretty (2019) Written & Directed by Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli

Shot by Bill Kirstein 

Produced by 100 Year Films in association with Les Films du Bal

“My second feature film So Pretty traces the lives of a few queer and trans characters of differing backgrounds as they seek to organizes their lives, loves, and politics in New York City. The film is framed by a series of (semi-faithful) readings by the main cast of Ronald M. Schernikau’s novella “so schön,” on which the film is loosely based. I reached out to Hecha to provide garments for this section, and was thrilled when they agreed. Their non-gendered clothing, which thankfully and refreshingly and crucially avoids of the trope wherein “non-gendered” seems to simple imply “traditionally male clothes, maybe in pastels,” was a perfect embodiment of the space the film seeks to create. It is open to interpretation, visibly loaded with the cultural of its creators, and implies a uniform that in no way requires uniformity. It created a shared canvas for our tight-knit cadre of lovers to inhabit and to redefine as they saw fit through its unified but highly varied pieces, it echoed the differing backgrounds of our characters, and gave them both cohesion and self-determination. I’m overjoyed to have included these garments. They are also, of course, so pretty. That they are so pretty and so resonant is something I do not take lightly. I’m excited to see what else these incredibly talented designers have to share with us.”


Project Collaborators


Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli

Born in 1988, she works as a film director, editor, colourist and critic living in New York. She has directed two feature films, "So Pretty," (2019, Berlinale) a literary translation/transposition focusing on gender and the utopian imagination, and "Empathy" (2016, FID Marseille), a performative documentary following a heroin-addicted escort across the USA.