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Project 06: 'drape over another' @ Artists Space

New York art institution Artists Space hosted a special event curated by Speaker Music [DeForrest Brown Jr.] entitled 'drape over another' in collaboration with photographer/visual designer Ting Ding and painter Luz Angélica Fernández of Hecha / 做 NYC with Edible Altar by REMEDI FOOD on Friday, December 13th, 2019.

'drape over another' is a performative articulation of Speaker Music’s debut album 'of desire, longing' (Planet Mu), exploring the delicate and poignant qualities of light, sound and taste with a focus on the healing affectual specificity of human tactility and perception. 'drape over another' reconsiders the inherent politics of habitual spaces amid seasonal cycles of consumption, outlining and rejecting the operational failures of a neutralized social sphere.

Accompanied by a book of multi-textural data and rhythm analyses written by Ting Ding and DeForrest Brown Jr. entitled QTRLY Report, 'drape over another' exhibited Luz Angélica Fernández’s developing live action painting practice of impressing material textures and visual semiotics into fabric. The resulting painting will produce a limited edition Hecha / 做 NYC collection.