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Project 04: Pop-Up Event

The complete HECHA / 做 collection was viewable at Refuge Arts from June 20 - June 23rd during our pop-up event that hosted vendors, visual art, live music and movement performances, workshops, a panel discussion, and more.

The multi-day, multi-disciplinary “conference” allowed us to utilize the space as a blank canvas to be painted and filled with context; inviting friends and peers to participate in a flexible and open format.

All of our events were free to attend and live-streamed for accessibility and transparency.

Images by Ting Ding

Flyer art by Selwa Abd (@3dbergsonist)

Drinks by White Label Mate

DAY 1: Group Exhibition Opening

The four day pop-up opened with a group exhibition featuring 6 participants showing a selection of their work in a variety of mediums, live fabric painting by Luz Angélica Fernández, and a DJ set by Kiddo (@pureimmanencedj)

The HECHA / 做 collection plus a selection of limited edition accessories were on view and available to try on between the hours of 12pm - 7pm.


  • Benedict Nguyen

  • (@xbennyboo)

  • “for this hecha / 做 fun time, i leave you with scraps of words, plastic, postcards, and stickers and layers but mostly #geminiszn and maybe i'll be there live for a few seconds but also #vpss

  • Lucy Cruz

  • "Lucy will be showing patchwork pieces along with her handmade scarves constructed of 100% silk, cotton, and velvet, featuring hand beading and embroidery."

  • Miles Shelton

  • “I’ve been making work about breaking down the cartoon to a more minimal form in order to evoke memories of childhood and nostalgia”

  • Paul Bui

  • “A visual exploration through the intersection of Queerness & Race”

  • Ry Arne

  • (@ry_arne)

  • “Brooklyn based artist with a focus on drawing faces, forms, and figures. Interested in capturing character and movement through a distorted lens, leading to an interpretive, spontaneous portrait of a moment...{let me draw your face}“

  • Tyler Jones

  • “I am constantly coinciding with the overlooked aspects of life juxtaposing my personal histories with the innocence of habitual adolescence. In this work I am examining themes of black culture, community, sexuality, flawed aesthetics, and social practices.”

DAY 2: Live Sets

After retail and gallery hours in the afternoon, we hosted an evening of experimental sounds by local talents, recorded live and compiled here:


  • naano tani vs baitong.systemes

  • (@yyongmyng)

  • “naano tani vs baitong.systemes is a Thai∞French ‘trial’ symbiosis, proposing alternative thoughts and techniques on folklore through new media practices. It will be showcasing “หนัง humide “, a post-thesis sound study re-mapping topographies of animism, humidity and pitch.”

  • perrX

  • “Chicanx producer/multimedia artist based in Brooklyn. Their live experimental Club music influences range from cholos to techno 🕊”

  • Speaker Music (ft. Ariel Valdez & Catalina Cavelight)

  • “On Bloodthirst and Jungle Fever is an (a)formance towards a cultural ritual featuring spoken intercession and ecstatic movement from philosopher Ariel Valdez and artist Catalina Cavelight. Acting as a mediating conductor and source of simmering and sullied rage, Speaker Music will explore through digital audio and rhythmic production what Valdez calls a “porous self“ amongst a collection of equally open selves as they are all interwoven into a singular vibrational ontology as a means of evoking a coming outside of oneself within a shared sphere of intimacy.”

  • vveiss

  • “ ‘da, da, da’ is a choreographed performance for electronics, voice, oil lamps, and ankle bells by lalit kilaya aka vveiss. hecha / 做 nyc presents the debut of the artist’s hard drone and movement composition synthesized from various systems of internal alchemy.“

DAY 3: Clothing Swap/Workshop & ALKHEMY Night

In addition to the HECHA / 做 collection, Day 3 featured items from Junior Company & Lynn and Lucy Cruz, as well as a tattoo booth, an upcycling workshop, a garment customization service, and a clothing donation drop box during our afternoon retail and gallery hours. 

The day ended with DJ sets by the local collective ALKHEMY.


  • Apparel by Junior Company & Lynn

  • “Junior is an open company for producing t-shirt ideas. Lynn is an international artist collective that occasionally produces objects and hosts events. As Lynn Junior, we will each present garments that explore speculative and collaborative branding.”

  • Lucy Cruz

  • "Lucy will be showing patchwork pieces along with her handmade scarves constructed of 100% silk, cotton, and velvet, featuring hand beading and embroidery."


  • The Raga Closet

  • (@theragacloset)

  • “Leading a Clothing Revamping workshop featuring a sustainable clothing and jewelry and swap/trade with thrift gods from The Raga Closet.”

  • Possessed Fetishwear

  • (@_possessed_)

  • "Customize your favorite garments by choosing your favorite studs. 100% of profits will be donated to the ACLU for abortion rights."


Day 4: Discussions

The last day of the pop-up hosted a community panel discussion moderated by DisCakes including a harm reduction training and free kits, and ended with a performance by lily bo shapiro, and a closing DJ set by dime.


  • DisCakes Panel

  • (@discakesnyc)

  • (Moderators: Pauli Cakes & Marley Marl)

  • “On Artistic Autonomy in NYC” DisCakes joined HECHA / 做 at Refuge Arts space to curate a 4 hour long panel on topics pertaining to the underground music scene, nightlife, our artistic community, how we could divest from overground institutions and other prevalent topics. We invited several influential creators from our community to touch base on these important topics:

  • • DeForrest Brown Jr.

  • • dime (HARDCORSET) aka Tyler Jones

  • • Homosinner

  • • Lust sick puppy

  • • Nina Posner

  • • Shanita Bump

  • (and more)

  • ⛑ Discussions were followed by a *free* narcan training workshop + *free* fentanyl testing kits sponsored by Tino Fuentes, Harm Reduction Consultant ⛑


  • lily bo shapiro

  • (@bo_archive_scraps)

  • “Born, raised, and still living as an uninvited resident in Lenapehoking, lily bo shapiro’s curiosities include archive, diasporic living and dying, adaptive hybridity, undying root systems, and the labors of playing and loving on this




Project 04: Main Collaborators

Our e-shop was launched on March 4th and over the course of the following months we slowly released two designs every few weeks. Each new “drop” highlighted one of our four main collaborators wearing the designs styled by themselves in an environment of their choosing, along with a self-written bio. 

These releases led up to a four day pop-up event, which featured a group exhibition including our four main collaborators listed below:

04: Meet Lucy

(en español)


  • Lucy Cruz

qué / por qué:

  • El haber sido bailarina me permitió presentarme en escenarios Europeos y Latinoamericanos incluyendo en Colombia donde nací y crecí. Me llamaban Lucero pero a los 7 supe que mi nombre legal es Lucy Cruz. En los 80’s viví en París y cuando planeaba regresar, Nueva York me atrapo. Sí, porque vine a presentarme al Madison Square Garden y me reencontré con Enrique (músico que conocía desde París); nos casamos y tuvimos a Luz. Ya han pasado casi 30 años y aún sigo fascinada por la diversidad cultural que vibra en esta ciudad. Ingrese a City College queriendo continuar estudios en “performing arts” pero termine graduada en Estudios Internacionales.

  • Necesitaba trabajar y estoy muy agradecida al costume shop de Julliard School el cual me aceptó como costurera al mostrarle mi portafolio con fotos de trajes que yo misma había confeccionado cuando bailaba. Mi interés por la costura había comenzado desde muy niña observando a mi abuela remendando y cosiendo a mano cubrecamas de retazos, y ver a mi madre hacerme los vestidos que yo diseñaba cuando era adolescente.


  • Sigo aprendiendo sobre el arte del diseño, corte y confección en lo cual HECHA / 做 ha sido un reto con sus diseños unisexos. Estoy muy motivada a seguir creando accesorios incorporando el crochet, “beading”, bordado, y el “patchwork”... que a veces van surgiendo espontáneamente en el proceso de creación de una pieza. También trabajo actualmente como tailor independiente en las muestras de temporada para Polo Ralph Lauren.

  • La transición de “performer” al arte de la costura fue confuso al comienzo, pero encontré la conexión al haber trabajado como tailor para celebrities como: Beyoncé, Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, y muchos otros.


(in english)


  • Lucy Cruz

what / why:

  • Having been a dancer allowed me to perform at European and Latin American stages including in Colombia where I was born and raised. I was called Lucero but at age 7 I realized that my legal name was Lucy Cruz. In the 80’s I lived in Paris and when I had planned to return, New York trapped me. Yes, because I came here to perform at Madison Square Garden and reconnected with Enrique (a musician that I knew from Paris); we got married and had Luz. Now almost 30 years have already gone by and I’m still fascinated by the vibrant cultural diversity in this city. I enrolled in City College wanting to continue studying performing arts but I ended up graduating in International Studies.

  • I needed to work and I’m very thankful to the costume shop at the Juilliard School which accepted me as a seamstress after showing them my portfolio of photos of costumes that I had made when I danced. My interest in sewing had begun as a young child observing my grandmother mending and hand sewing bedspreads out of scraps, and watching my mother make me the dresses that I designed when I was a teenager.


  • I continue learning about the art of design, cut, and construction in which HECHA / 做 has been a challenge with its unisex designs. I am very motivated to continue creating accessories incorporating crochet, beading, embroidery, and patchwork… which sometimes arise spontaneously during the process of creating a piece. I also currently work as a freelance tailor on seasonal samples for Polo Ralph Lauren.

  • The transition from "performer" to the art of sewing was confusing at the beginning, but I found the connection having worked as a tailor for celebrities such as: Beyoncé, Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, and many others.


03: Meet Felton


what & why:

  • I’m originally from Boston (from the heart of it, Roxbury!), but I’m a Brooklyn based techno artist. My parents are both Puerto Rican and I identify as Afro-Latino. Some people don’t know this, but this is where my artist name stems from. Marcos Xiorro was the slave name of an enslaved African in Spanish Puerto Rico who attempted a slave revolt against the Spanish colonial government and sugarcane plantation owners in 1821. In an industry where the majority of the people are white, I can imagine it being tough to swallow how in touch I am with my identity and why I’m so passionate about it. However, this is what drives me to help make a difference for not only myself, but for others that will come after me. I’ve always wanted to somehow help make a difference in the world for other POC, especially those that come from an unfortunate background like myself, and I believe that art is a great way to come about making this impact.


  • Back in 2016, Christina Hernandez (Adrestia) and I started the techno collective and rave, ALKHEMY & The Black Hole, without any idea of what we were getting ourselves into. As we grew and took steps to further develop the collective, we came to learn about the lack of racial diversity that existed within a genre that was created by the Black people of Detroit. Not only was there a lack of diversity, but we also noticed that there was a different treatment towards artists of color that came from a complete different background than the kids who moved into the city from nice suburbs within a space that prides itself on being open and accepting towards all people, so from this came the next stage of ALKHEMY/The Black Hole, where we started to focus on highlighting diversity within the techno realm.

  • With this focus we’ve showcased local POC techno artists, as well as out of state and international. I guess you can say that we’ve put our money where our mouth <3 Not only have we showcased the most POC artists in Brooklyn’s underground, but we’ve also given back to the community both in Puerto Rico and Brooklyn. In 2017, we cancelled our Black Hole party and instead put together a “Fundraver”, where we were able to raise $2400 as a donation to Friends of Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization aiding victims of Hurricane Maria. In 2018, during Hispanic Heritage Month, we put together “Fundraver 2” in collaboration with Bossa Nova Civic Club, where we raised $1100 for El Puente Presente, which is a Latinx local non-profit organization which focuses on youth community outreach.


02: Meet Benedict


  • i’m benedict. if we’re familiar, you can call me benny.

  • when I grow up or down or evolve into my next/recent being, i wanna be a sturdy plant (lotsa water and air in my chart) or a cat, extra fluffy.

what / why :

  • in this iteration, i love the time I get to spend dancing and moving and discovering what my body can do, wants to do, can’t do. expansive

  • i think about these worlds and possibilities in my writing. words on a page. typing and handwriting


  • floating in an ocean, far away

  • listening up close

  • trying to find roots and grow

  • this is a lite ‘about me’ in HECHA / 做

  • aspirational, individual glam

  • that only came from finding shine in community


01: Meet Tyler


  • Wassup? I'm Tyler xD aka dime


  • I’m a photographer and dj here in nyc. My images examine themes of black culture, community, sexuality, flawed aesthetics, and social practices. The subject matter executes a sense of rawness and confrontation while celebrating the idea of normalizing individuality and diversity. My website is tylerkjones.com. Apart from that, I am one of the social media managers and booking assistants over at Discwoman.


  • Music is lyf3. I started working with Discwoman in 2017. A year later I started djing. Which then lead to the start of my party, HARDCORSET. A monthly at Bossa Nova Civic club in Brooklyn.


Project 03: Make Techno Black Again

HECHA / 做 in collaboration with Grit Creative, power the Make Techno Black Again project. The hat celebrates the origins of Techno and its roots in cities like Detroit and the African-American working class experience.

The Make Techno Black Again campaign is a project of reinstatement, in which 20% of revenues are donated to Living Arts, a Detroit-based youth arts nonprofit.


Alongside the release of the hat, MTBA commissioned rhythmanalyst and media theorist DeForrest Brown, Jr. to create a retrospective mix under his moniker Speaker Music, speculating on the dense folklore and creative techniques of a cultural sound developed from the rise and fall of a city.

Project Collaborators


DeForrest Brown, Jr.

DeForrest Brown, Jr. is a New York-based rhythmanalyst, media theorist and curator. His work is concerned with speculative futures in performative contexts and programmatic intersections of technology and thought. He produces digital audio and extended media as Speaker Music. In 2017 he was the inaugural Suzanne Fiol Curatorial Fellow at ISSUE Project Room and he co-produced Ebbing Sounds Symposium with Swiss publication Zweikommasieben and curator Marcella Faustini in May 2018 at Grey Area Art + Technology with support from Swissnex San Francisco. He has presented work at Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, New Museum, MoMAPS1, Artists Space, 92nd Street Y, Abrons Art Center, Signal Gallery, Cafe Oto, E-Flux’s Bar Laika, Raven Row Gallery, H0l0 and Cleopatra’s. He is also one half of Elevator to Mezzanine (E-M) with artist and musician Steven Warwick, and most recently released the black comedy mixtape The Wages of Black is Death (PTP) with sound artist Kepla ahead of their research and performance praxis Substantia Nigra.


Grit Creative - Blake Scotland

Blake Scotland is the co-founder and managing partner of communications and marketing agency Grit Creative Group based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from New Jersey, Blake has worked in marketing comms in some capacity since her graduation from Georgetown with a major in English, and double minors in Theology and African American studies. Blake's lifelong passion for music (Hip Hop, Jersey Club) was further stoked during her early 20's spent living in London discovering Funky House, Garage, Drum & Bass and rave culture. She's obsessed with the energy that's exchanged on a spiritual level when people put their phones down and tap into the restorative power of music.


Project 02: So Pretty

HECHA / 做’s inaugural collection was featured in select scenes of “So Pretty,” a film by Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli screened during the 2019 Berlinale Film Festival.


Official Selection - 69th Berlinale Film Festival 2019

So Pretty (2019) Written & Directed by Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli

Shot by Bill Kirstein 

Produced by 100 Year Films in association with Les Films du Bal

“My second feature film So Pretty traces the lives of a few queer and trans characters of differing backgrounds as they seek to organizes their lives, loves, and politics in New York City. The film is framed by a series of (semi-faithful) readings by the main cast of Ronald M. Schernikau’s novella “so schön,” on which the film is loosely based. I reached out to Hecha to provide garments for this section, and was thrilled when they agreed. Their non-gendered clothing, which thankfully and refreshingly and crucially avoids of the trope wherein “non-gendered” seems to simple imply “traditionally male clothes, maybe in pastels,” was a perfect embodiment of the space the film seeks to create. It is open to interpretation, visibly loaded with the cultural of its creators, and implies a uniform that in no way requires uniformity. It created a shared canvas for our tight-knit cadre of lovers to inhabit and to redefine as they saw fit through its unified but highly varied pieces, it echoed the differing backgrounds of our characters, and gave them both cohesion and self-determination. I’m overjoyed to have included these garments. They are also, of course, so pretty. That they are so pretty and so resonant is something I do not take lightly. I’m excited to see what else these incredibly talented designers have to share with us.”


Project Collaborators


Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli

Born in 1988, she works as a film director, editor, colourist and critic living in New York. She has directed two feature films, "So Pretty," (2019, Berlinale) a literary translation/transposition focusing on gender and the utopian imagination, and "Empathy" (2016, FID Marseille), a performative documentary following a heroin-addicted escort across the USA.

Project 01: Collection Exhibition 01

Our inaugural collection exhibition was filmed and broadcasted all day as a live-stream available on our HECHA / 做 website on Sept. 8th, 2018. The event was a multi-channel behind the scenes look into our creative process, exploring the intersection between design, art, and technology/media.

We commissioned new music by Brooklyn producer Bergsonist for the documentary of the collection unveiling. Bergsonist on the track titled, “Killed by Earth”:

Current Time 0:00
Duration Time 0:00
Progress: NaN%

“Killed by Earth is a sonic interpretation of HECHA / 做's genderless flexible collection. Inspired by fashion damages toward gender consciousness, the composition is made out of two disjoint fragments - made in two different contexts and time. Similarly to HECHA / 做's performative shooting, Killed By Earth fluidly and effortlessly morphs from one state to another while at the same time telling one narrative. Free of constraints, aerial sounds slowly become heavier and more assertive. The intended message is amplified.”

Part one of the launch (11am - 6pm) was a closed set featuring a performative lookbook shoot of the garments as well as a time-based creation of a mural-sized fabric painting by HECHA / 做’s co-founder Luz Angelica Fernandez. Since a studio is usually a closed space, a viewing of the studio offers context and gives “access” to the interior processes of the HECHA / 做’s lifestyle and brand, from conception to finished garment.

Part two was the after-party (7 PM - 11 PM) which was open to the public and featured a live vocal performance by Aarron Ricks as well as DJ sets by Kiddo (Pure Immanence), NK Badtz Maru, and vveiss. Choosing to work with members of our creative community, HECHA / 做’s intent is to visually celebrate and promote the success of our peers by offering them a platform to express themselves.

12 Hour live-stream recording of collection exhibition part one and two:

Project Collaborators


Aarron Ricks

Aarron Ricks is a break out movement artist who uses beautiful and thought provoking movements to create organic storytelling experiences. Drawing inspiration from his personal history and work as an art model, his work transcends genres, mediums and technologies. His event and curation company’s goal is to raise awareness for marginalized communities and create a space where questions and thought can flourish and everyone is free to be themselves.


Paul Bui

Paul Bui is an Australian creative director and stylist based in New York City. Formerly the Editor-in-Chief of Oyster Magazine and a Creative Director for Milk Studios, Paul has worked with personalities such as Charlotte Gainsbourg, M.I.A, Grimes and brands such as Nike, H&M and Ellery. Paul now consults for brands and publications, specifically on how to speak authentically to a young, diverse audience. In his spare time, he loves nothing more than conjuring kinetic energy and sharing dance floor connections with his techno queer fam, here and abroad.


Pauli Cakes

Pauli Cakes is a queer identifying gender fluid artist, dj, activist and nightlife alien born and raised in NYC. They use performing arts, nightlife, and multi-faceted art practices as a form of self expression and resistance. Through these different mediums they challenge social stigmas and the hyper conditioning of the femme experience.


Beta Librae

Brooklyn-based producer Bailey Hoffman, originally from Kansas City, has previously released tapes with 1080p and Lillerne Tape Club. Physical Therapy's label, Allergy Season, released Whisper Game last year and her most recent release Sanugine Bond on Incenscio Records, charts a path through dense ambient passages, understated house bombs and new age-flavored downtempo tracks. She's a resident at Bossa Nova Civic Club's Technofeminism night alongside Umfang.


NK Badtz Maru

NK Badtz Maru is a dj that likes techno, trance, cardi b, frogs, and cucumbers. She's a resident at Mood Ring, where she and fellow dj, KA WAI, throw the party Hot N Spicy, a POC-focused club night, and recently made her European debut at Berghain/Säule nightclub.



A founding member of Xiao Ma Party Controllers, vveiss practices across disciplines as an alchemist, organizer, multimedia artist, and DJ. Their improvised hybrid-performances carve paths between restraint and spontaneity, inducing submission through droning walls of sound, microtonally-modulated vocals, and hypnotic rhythms. Wielding a keen sense of energy and time, vveiss careens audiences through treacherous layers of bodied percussion and back to release them afloat down a random- access stream of metallic thoughtforms.


Vanessa Quintero

Vanessa Quintero is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, videographer, and writer. She's the video lead at Spicy Zine, where she creates work that aims to promote and uplift women and non-binary people of color and their stories. Aside from that, she freelances on creative projects and is always looking to collaborate and make something amazing.


Selwa Abd

Selwa Abd, originally from Morocco, is a New York based artist and musician. She holds a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons The New School for Design and is founder of the music platform: Bizaarbazaar. Under the guise Bergsonist (derived from Deleuze' s Bergsonism), she uses multiple mediums to investigate social resonance through divergent conceptual aesthetics (minimalism, techno, music concrete to name a few). Her practice utilizes her trained design sensibility to filter the objects of intuitive exploration, guided by an impulse to detach subjective meaning from found sonic fragments. Notions of identity, memory, social politics and the ambiguous long-term reliability/stability of our digital networks drive this process. She has performed at spaces such as Knockdown Center, Basilica Hudson, Witte De With Center for Contemporary Arts, Parsons Thew New School for Design, Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, Flux Factory, Issue Project Room, Spectacle Theater, Halcyon, Output, Brown University, Good Room and Boiler Room (Discwoman takeover). She has released several eps on labels such as Borft, Styles Upon Styles, Clandestine Records, Always Human and Where To Now. She has upcoming releases on Optimo (2018), Borft (2019), Styles Upon Styles (2019) and two unannounced labels. As well as self released Eps on her Bandcamp.

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